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Lecture Creating Circularity by new Material Perspectives

Invited by Hong Kong Design Institute, Simone de Waart will give a lecture (online) on the 21st of March.

HKDI is pleased to present their new series of master lectures titled “ HKDI inspire* 2024: Circular Future” taking place from 19 to 25 March 2024. This series aims to delve into cutting-edge topics that are at the forefront of circular design and technology. Esteemed speakers will unveil the latest in technology and design, the emerging field of spatial computing, the significance of circular materials, and the pivotal role of information visualisation in the face of a changing climate. It is an invaluable chance to engage in thought-provoking discussions and discover innovative approaches to address the challenges of our time. [Lecture 1] 19 March 2024, Tuesday | Discovering the Latest in Technology and Design

Dr Chaki Ng

Chief Technology Officer, Forge, United States

10:30 HKT (UTC/GMT+8)


[Lecture 2] | 20 March 2024, Wednesday | The New Aesthetics in the Spatial Computing Era

Prof Cho Chung-Yean

Vice President for Planning, Korea National University of Arts

Director, K-Arts Art & Technology Lab, Korea National University of Arts

10:30 HKT (UTC/GMT+8)


[Lecture 3] | 21 March 2024, Thursday| Creating Circularity by New Material Perspectives

Simone de Waart

Lecturer, the Faculty of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

Founder and Creative Director, Material Sense, the Netherlands

13:30 HKT (UTC/GMT+8)


[Lecture 4] | 25 March 2024, Monday | Information, Graphics and the Power of the Image in Times of a Changing Climate

Arthur Roeloffzen

Programme Leader of Master of Arts in Information Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Founder, Studio Arthur Roeloffzen, the Netherlands

14:30 HKT (UTC/GMT+8)


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