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DESSO B.V. is a Cradle 2 Cradle carpet manufacturer, part of the Tarkett group.

As Desso’s design and development department we challenge ourselves to come up with creative concepts, functional innovations and cradle 2 cradle solutions.

The design department asked Material Sense to be a partner because of their broad network and extensive knowledge of innovative, new, renewable and biobased materials.

Simone de Waart prepared and coached brainstorm sessions to stimulate creative processes that will lead to new and unexpected concepts. With thanks to Simone’s knowledge and dedication, these sessions resulted in direction to the creative process in design and development of Desso Home brands for the coming years.

Bernd van der Stouw

Manager Desso Consumer carpets





"Material Sense zorgt voor een andere kijk op materialen én inzicht in de inrichting van processen om productontwikkeling in de praktijk te brengen."

Brigitte Matheussen
NS Reizigers, Bedrijfs- en Productontwikkeling






"One of the drawbacks of the very specialized material research done at M2i is that many promising outcomes are not visible outside the M2i community. Even the partners of M2i are not always aware of all the ongoing material innovations. Material Sense has helped M2i to improve the visibility of material innovation by setting up a dedicated material exhibition with samples of Material Sense and of the industrial partners of M2i at the annual M2i conference. This exhibition was both entertaining and inspiring for the over 300 attendants of the M2i conference."


"In addition Material Sense organized a Material Visibility workshop to brainstorm with industrial partners, researchers and other guests of the M2i conference on more ideas to visualize the results of material research for the various target groups like students, researchers, SME’s and the general public. This has resulted in many good ideas which M2i can implement in the coming years."


Derk Bol

Program Manager M2i





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