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October 2015

Material Sense aims to astound and amaze, even shock at this year’s DDW. Their designers want us to rediscover our relationship to objects: we have real affection for some of the products we
use. This enhances value immeasurably. Material Sense finds new uses for old materials, product interaction over time, great examples of re-use, and practical circularity. Footprints from the past
become an important part of the way forward.

look here for the 360 degrees exibition


Hannah Kindler

Upstyle Industries

master students Industrial Design

students Radboud University Nijmegen

pop up kitchen ‘Hap & Hi’k’




Dutch Design Week 2015

Art Night 2016


Eindhoven (NL), Kruisruimte

Nijmegen (NL), Expoplu

We create material exhibitions around a theme. We curate, design and develop until  final realization on location.

Our exhibitions are designed to internationally travel to different locations worldwide, from fairs to events and musea.
We were the first in presenting materials exhibitions designed to be touched and explored with all the senses,
We present the newest materialized ideas - from raw resources, to materials and the making processes up to the final materialized products, aiming to inspire a public and professional audience, and create materials awareness worldwide.


forging the future

October 2014

See the products of the future being born, right here, right now. Prepare to be amazed!

Eight especially selected designers and producers are showing their most inspired work.


There is the Travelling Trash Transformer, beautiful lace from Mexico and bio-luminescent light fixtures.

Participating are some very sharp design talents, forward-thinking manufacturers and avant-garde scientists. Their ideas for the use of bio-based materials and revaluing plastics are building blocks for a circular economy.


Look here for the 360 exhibition

Material Sense LAB

Forging the Future is the prelude to a new Material Sense initiative: the Material Sense LAB. The LAB researches viable products made from bio-based materials or revalued resources.We want this to lead to a new way of thinking and new forms of co-operation, contributing to a circular economy. Working on this are new talents, researchers, designers and manufacturers.

The ambition is to find new markets where sustainable materials can blossom. Material Sense aims to act as a catalyst and connector, as they have done in the past.




Dutch Design Week 2014



Eindhoven (NL), Kruisruimte

moving materials virtual

May 2014 - present

The travelling exhibition Moving Materials is developed into the sensitizing virtual version!


Moving Materials Virtual is currently showing a selection of materials and products in five categories in which future developments are being seeded: repair and renewal, smart processing, affinity and wellbeing, strong and lightweight, alternative energy use.


And there is more! Moving Materials offers a digital database where we invite visitors to add their own materials to let the database grow and and create international visibility via this platform!


We hope visitors to our shiny new digital space will continue to share ideas and developments. Keep us on the cutting edge!





Dutch Design Week 2014

Dutch Technology Week 2014



Eindhoven (NL), Kruisruimte

Eindhoven (NL), Capital D - Strijp S



moving materials

January 2012 -  April 2015

Moving Materials is the travelling exhibition that has been developed in the framework of PROUD. The exhibition visits various PROUD partner locations and grow during this tour by co-creation. Seminars and workshops are connected to Moving Materials in order to interact, discuss and co-create new concepts.


We need your opinion of the revolutionary materials we are showing in this evolving, travelling exhibition.


We want to talk about the new insights into repair and renewal. Ingenious processing and new  manufacturing methods. The affinity people feel for products and how wellbeing improves in the right surroundings. Also, the possibilities of strong, lightweight materials for every day. And last but not least: bringing down energy use employing solar and kinetic energy.



Share our excitement. Traditional materials give rise to new usage. New technology mingles with familiar products. Explore the impact of all this on our society. See the future of materials today.


PROUD stands for People Researchers Organisations Using Design for co-creation and innovation. It is a European project with the objective to make Europe a better place by co-designing for all and by all. PROUD brings designers together with public organisations, businesses and user communities to experience the added value of design thinking and design, while working on innovative solutions for today’s real world problems. PROUD helps and supports designers to have the right facilities, knowledge and expertise to play this key role in innovating Europe.




Dutch Design Week 2012, 2013, 2014

Design Week Kortrijk 2013

de Maakbar 2013

Design City Luxembourg 2014

Dutch Technology Week 2014



Essen (DE), Red Dot Design Museum,

Eindhoven (NL), Capital D  & Kruisruimte

Kortrijk (BE), Budafabriek

Lancaster (UK), Imagination Lancaster,

Luxembourg (LU), Forum da Vinci



conscious aesthetics

October 2011

The people of Material Sense are experts in bringing together new materials and their applications. This year during Dutch Design Week, Material Sense’s own projects are on display at the Porters lodge on Strijp-S.


Expect, for example, a cabin that combines
tradition with innovative technology. Made weather - proof thanks to burnt wood, then insulated by a material made of jeans waste, and decorated with panels consisting of compressed grass.


Come tickle your senses, and bring in your own stuff!

We at Material Sense are a curious lot. What material makes your heart beat faster, what do you think is sustainable or special? Take your material to us, tell us your story and we will put your gift on display during Dutch Design Week. In return, we’ll give you a piece of newly developed, sustainable material. Surprise us, and let Material Sense surprise you!



Dutch Design Week 2011



Eindhoven (NL), Portiersloge - Strijp S



metal minded

March - May 2010

The exhibition Metal Minded by Material Sense showcases the diversity of metal; the smallest “nano‐chair” created in a piece of titanium, vases that combine the beauty of metal with a smart use of techniques.

Memory metals that make your shirt wrinkle on a hot day, and Glare, the sandwich aluminium used in wings of aeroplanes.

And what to think of the sheet metals which patterns are defined by a self-organising principle inspired by nature, so called biomimicry. From very small to larger objects, from new to re‐used materials and from sample to final product; the exhibition Metal Minded by Material Sense presents at Yksi Expo the diversity of metals to inspire innovative product applications.




Eindhoven (NL), Yksi Expo, Designhuis
Conference M2i (NL)




re-materialize the future

2009 - May 2010

The theme ‘Rematerialize the future’ is central and includes the categories Revalue, Recover, Remind and Refine.
The exhibitions covers the reuse of materials, the revaluation of materials and techniques, the self‐recovering properties of materials and making products ‘lighter’ by using less materials.

“It’s about materials that have their own story to tell,” says Simone de Waart. “They challenge thinking, stimulate product innovation and give us new insights into better and greener use of materials. The examples show that sustainable use of materials and an optimal product experience can go together perfectly well.”

The exhibition kicked off as 'Rematerialize', but remaining actual in its topic, the next edition was further developed as 'Rematerialize the Future'


It was shown at first at the International Center for Sustainable Excellence in Eindhoven, the first centre in North Western Euorpe to show visitors, participants and users how the future will take shape by combining skills and knowledge in the area of sustainability.

The travelling exhibition was shown at several places in Europe connected to events where discussions on sustainability stood central.

Design event Kortrijk, 2008
Dutch Design Week, 2009

Dutch Design Week, 2010
European Economic Commision Sustainability Event, 2012




Eindhoven (NL), ICSE

Brussels (BE), EESC - European Economic and Social Comittee
Kortrijk (BE) Entrepreneur Centre


April 2009

Material Sense’s international travelling exhibition Responsive focuses on new developments in how materials respond to changes in their environment or interaction with the human body, bringing comfort to life. Meet the materials of the future! This exhibition is about how materials can become part of the fabric of our being. It shows how they support us, offering comfort and safety. Many of these materials change according to the varying needs of users. Already well-known phase change materials can keep the human body at the right temperature, or protect against shock. Photoluminous and thermochromatic materials can warn us or attract attention if necessary.


Soil Lamp gets its energy from the metabolism of all the little creatures that live in mud. Also notice the ‘Grow’ exhibit that generates electricity for buildings via the fluttering of solar panel ‘leaves’ mounted on their facades. Don’t miss the ambient textile displays, which include a flexible radiator made of textile that can be used as a curtain or a room divider while also heating the space. Other innovative textiles react to touch, movements, or temperature. Also challenging is how at first glance simple materials like concrete can be turned into inspiring and inviting products like 3D play tiles hat can be used to play marbles and turn into an interesting reflective pattern when filled with rainwater.



Hannover Fair 2009



Hannover (DE)

Berlin (DE), Dutch Ambassy





April 2008

Material Sense’s latest international travelling exhibition D-Compose concentrates on the rediscovery of natural, authentic and original materials such as bamboo, ceramics, glass and paper. Treat yourself to a feast of sensations!


Dutch designers, researchers and industry are exploring new techniques and are eager to show the new forms they have found. D-Compose can stand for both ‘Dutch compositions’ and ‘decomposition’ as manifested by the new techniques used to turn familiar materials into surprising products.


While this Material Sense exhibition focuses on the results of materials research, the products, there will also be plenty of

innovative materials for visitors to experience first-hand. Discover surprising bamboo constructions, new traditions in porcelain facing bricks and electrically lit, patterned wallpaper. See dandelion clocks interact subtly with lighting in the ‘fragile future’ installation.


Material Sense was invited to take part in the Hannover Fair by the International Forum Design (IF) in Hannover.



Hannover Fair 2008



Hannover (DE)






April 2007

Let yourself be inspired by Rematerialize! Come and see the materials of the future.

Feel the strength of beautiful, soft nettle cloth. Observe the self-healing materials developed for use in auto parts. Admire high quality upholstery made of pure, recycled plastic. And eat from crockery fabricated with used coffee grounds.


Material Sense’s new exhibition zooms in on quality materials made of familiar, ordinary substances that have undergone serious revaluation. These materials have nothing in common with the exhausted recycled products of the past. On the contrary they have been ‘rematerialized’ into a better product. This is a strong trend in the way new materials are developing that raises great expectations for the future.

The exhibition divides its strange and wonderful samples into four categories. Self-healing materials can be found under the heading of ‘Recover’. ‘Refine’ shows lighter and stronger materials. ‘Remind’ brings together materials that add emotional value through lighting and projection. Discover original revaluated and reused ingredients along with natural alternatives in the ‘Revalue’ category.


The materials in this exhibition all have their own story to tell a wide audience. But even people in the materials business will be surprised and excited by Rematerialize!


With special thanks to IF for the invitation and support.



Hannover Fair 2007



Hannover (DE)

Viborg (DK), Scandinavian Instore Design

Kortrijk (BE), Ondernemerscentrum






April 2006

Material Sense is pleased to be taking part in the Hannover Fair at the invitation of

International Forum Design. This exhibition has been growing and developing over the past four years. The ‘Material Sense Update’ you see today is the result of this ongoing process. The exhibition has become an integral part of the internationally renowned Dutch Design Week. Visitors will discover new and exciting materials in this ‘updated’ version.


Material Sense is also a dynamic project organisation linking some fifty industrial designers, researchers and cutting edge companies. A consuming interest in materials, their use and  development for all kinds of innovative products is what brings these very different parties together. The network is the force behind this exhibition.

The participants in the Material Sense network co-operate to organise related workshops, lectures and presentations. They aim to provide pertinent advice to companies and design education on practical or research issues in the field of materials. This regularly results in the design of new materials and products.


Hannover Fair 2006



Hannover (DE)






October 2005

Clothing made of nettle textile, bathing suits streamlined like sharkskin and spinning silk as a super strong suture thread for surgeons. These are only a few of the items in the large collection of materials and applications. In this provoking exhibition, the public are introduced to the most recent materials developments in the field of industrial design: from the smallest synthetic diamond to meters-wide fibre-strengthened sailcloth.

Material Sense has invited guest curators to present their ideas on recent materials developments. The result is a dynamic exhibition in which great diversity in innovations is shown, supplemented with interviews and film footage.



Dutch Design Week 2005



Eindhoven (NL), De Witte Dame






October 2003

Materials take centre stage in this first exhibition. Materials that fascinate, inspire, question and defy to be touched. 

This exhibition introduces the materials collection Material Sense, which came about as a result of the partnership between the Design Academy Eindhoven and the TU/e Industrial Design faculty. We started with a library of materials that serves as a source of inspiration and information for designers, design students and companies.

Guest curators with diverse backgrounds and active in various fields, have been invited to show materials which we have at our disposition.


The intention of this exhibition is not to propose a complete offering, but more to awaken the curiosity for the collection which will not cease to grown.

We would like to thank our guest curators for the initiative to support the collection. They have hereby given us a better understanding in the use of materials within their field and have shown us through their personal fascination, the wide ranging scale of possibilities.



Dutch Design Week 2003



Eindhoven (NL), De Witte Dame






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