With our way of looking at our materialized world we are able to question societies' changing roles.
We are well aware of the latest trends in design and technology and have experience in how to visualize ongoing new developments to different exhibition audiences. You will find here the exhibitions we have curated in assignment.

cure & care: quality of life

December 2014 - May 2015

Cure & Care shows how trends and innovative designs, concepts, products and services contribute to the solution of the social challenges both the Netherlands and Taiwan are facing. The exhibition gives insight into the important contributions made by design, applied games, apps 3D prints and robots, to solve current questions. The exhibition is a good reflection of the products being developed in the Netherlands to lengthen life and improve its quality. Cure & Care is not only based on technological solutions, but also emphatically looks at welfare and innovative care.








Lilian van Stekelenburg, Peter Portheine and Simone de Waart



Taipei City (TW), Taiwan Design Museum

Eindhoven (NL), Máxima Medical Center

bio based wunderkammer

September - October 2013

Curators Simone de Waart and Jalila Essaïdi combined art, science and philosophy in the futuristic Bio based Wunderkammer; an experimental set-up for the election of 2018Eindhoven|Brabant Cultural Capital of Europe. In the Bio based Wunderkammer of today, you can be astounded by the primary results of collaborations between artists and scientists. Be inspired by ceramics combined with eggplant fibres, fungi that transform plastics into bio-fuels and beeswax shaped by the use of 3D printing.


video  + booklet






Jalila Essaïdi and Simone de Waart



Dutch Technology Week (NL)

STRP meets Discovery Salon (NL)

Dutch Design Week (NL)



Eindhoven (NL), Yksi Expo

Eindhoven (NL), Capital D

innovative textiles

October 2006

The exhibition shows a selection of current low and high tech samples and applications in textile. Examples were collected from the world of fashion and interior design, application of soft technologies and interactive textiles to new knitting techniques designed by Master graduates of Boras Design School. The exhibition was developed in collaboration with Materió Paris.



Eindhoven Materials Library



Elodie Ternaux and Simone de Waart


Exhibition design

DWARS ontwerp



Eindhoven (NL), Klokgebouw



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