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textile skins


one week workshop

Target audience

fashion and textile students Tartu University & Estonian Academy of the Arts


Tallinn & Tartu (EE), Tartu University & Estonian Academy of the Arts

This workshop was initiated though a collaboration between the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn and Tartu University in the South of Estonia. It has a become a meeting of mixed views from fashion and textile students and a meeting of Dutch and Estonian culture. Simone introduced the assignment of creating new skins, as interactive layer between exterior and interior, inside and outside, body and space. As results, inspiring skin samples appeared from landscapes as the skins of our earth, to new skins inspired by animals; from regular patterns and textures to strong outer shells with a soft touch, open or protective, attractive or rejective surfaces. All were created against the background of lively fast moving Tallinn, and quiet, peacefull Tartu. The lovely houses from wood showed their peeling-off skin, presenting many layers of history, renewed with fresh colours or retained in older paints. Students were rediscovering textile techniques, reusing wasted materials and renewed their thinking on materials and fabrics. A wonderful experience with thanks to all students, professors and managers of both educations!

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