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material moments


interactive session for 350 people, duration 1 hour. Developed as Open Plenary of the Materials and Human health Summit for Greenbuild, in assignment of US Green Building Councel known for LEED certification.

Target audience

material suppliers, manufacturers, engineers, designers, architects, R & D developers, innovation managers


Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, Washington DC (USA)

Discussions in the round the table sessions focussed on brought along materials and developments and were shared amongst the participants in groups guided by the material moments format. The aim of this ssession was to get acquainted with sensorial qualities of materials from a user perspective in order to create awareness for the immaterial values related to human health. People at the table mingled and engaged with experts with a different background to provoke discussion and be able to understand different perceptions, next to the measured values from certifications.

Material Moments doc starts at 2.55'

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