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Materials' Future Life new exhibition

Our future will no longer revolve around single-life products. What happens to materials as products are used? Or when the original product reaches the end of its useful life? And what happens to raw materials that are perfectly usable but do not meet the producer’s aesthetic quality standards? One disadvantage of today’s manufacturing processes is that some raw materials cannot be used, and significant waste is created during the process.

In the near future, the circular economy model and our desire for a sustainable future environment will force us to consider all our waste flows and revalorize them as ‘new’ materials and resources. Designers have drawn inspiration from this challenging theme during the past decade, coming up with new solutions and products that set new aesthetic standards. We are delighted to present a selection of designs on this theme from Material Sense' partners we work for or collaborate with.

Simone de Waart, curator of the exhibition asks us: “What would happen if we changed our way of looking at leftover materials and started figuratively mining for gold in the Anthropocene era we live in at the moment? What if we were to create awareness for a new wave of moral conscience and inspire a paradigm shift in how we use raw materials and design consumer goods?”

The exhibition presents a selection of raw materials, samples and final products. The different materials and products illustrate the perspectives of designers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists and industry. Even more importantly, they exemplify collaboration between those parties to create new insights and pave the way for new business models. Her selection includes experimental and well-known brands in the field of textiles, wearables and interior products. Work deals with materials recreated and redefined from leftovers and by-products from manmade materials as well as nature. Each with their own new aesthetics.

The exhibition is on show at Disainiöö Festival, the 10th edition of the design week at Talinn, Estonia

at the Noblessner Venue 16 - 22 September

picture Kave Shoes

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