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designing circularity dialogue Hong Kong

The Event Designing Circularity Dialogues took place at the Residence of the Consul General at Hong Kong, executed in assignment of the Dutch Consulate Hong Kong.

Simone de Waart (Material Sense) and Pieter van Oss (Circo) introduced best practices from the Netherlands and methodologies that served as inspiration and input for the interactive session. Held with selected local designers, entrepreneurs, scientists and educators, working in the field of sustainable fashion, goods and the built environment. Simone intoduced some of the work she has selected as co-curator for the Designing Circularity exhibition that will be worked on with Sjoerd Hoekstra (Design for Culture) and will be presented in May 2023, at the Central Market building, Hong Kong The event took place in the context of the Business of Design Week, organised by the Hong Kong Design Institure, that kicked off the program for sustainability in design and business with the Netherlands as partner country in 2023.

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