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Building with paper waste

was our workshop held in Tainan (TW) where 24 students (architecture, design, and environmental science) of NCKU (National Cheng Kung University) and entrepreneurs of C-Hub (Enterprise hub) worked together in interdisciplinary teams under guidance of Simone de Waart, Material Sense. (NL)

In the workshop we investigates in how paper materials waste streams can be used for building applications to contribute to the circular economy. Paper waste both from industry as well as household waste, combined with minerals and diverse organic materials.

The starting materials were C-slurry – developed by Lotus and LilinLab (TW )and consumer waste paperpulp - developed by Material Sense LAB (NL).

The workshop introduced the exploratory design approach. Materials and their ingredients forms the start of the design process to create understanding for the materials by hands-on explorations. To spark creative thinking for new designs. Students developed prototypes for circular building elements and last but not least created awareness for how we as designers can contribute to a better sustainable and circular society.

With many thanks to all people involved of NCKU and C-Hub: especially Pin-Jan and Lotus and Lilinlab

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