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Lasting Leather Lab DDW 2019

Lasting Leather Lab presents 21,22,23 of October, during the Dutch Design Week. Come and talk - think – debate about innovation and experiments done with industrial leather waste!

Lasting Leather Lab: from waste to circular products with ecological impact

Thirty thousand hides a day all from the meat industry and destined for use in the car industry. With as much as forty percent waste, originating from the leather trimming plants. An enormous mountain of waste material, and so an enormous challenge. Lasting Leather Lab looks for ways to transform this waste flow into circular products, with an ecological impact.

Lasting Leather Lab is a Material Sense LAB initiative. A team of designers seeks innovative circular solutions, each from their own perspective. The aim is to find scalable applications. And we do not do this alone: the team works with experts in the fields of material, technology, processing possibilities and life cycle analysis. To learn from each other, and to accelerate the process.

No experiment goes too far: examples include grinding the leather to powder. Which forms a composite when mixed with another waste from the same industry, milk waste. And what happens if you roll the leather and stretches its boundaries? Or can you conjunct smaller particles to create a new form of hide? And what is the ecological impact of all these forms and product ideas? Lasting Leather LAB presents the first experiments and project results during DDW and welcomes debate. We like to exchange ideas with you; what ideas and materials are most promising, not only to be further developed as product but also for circular business models. We like to hear your opinion and are on the lookout for new collaborations.

We are open for visiting us on : Monday 21-10 11.00 – 18.00 Tuesday 22-10 15.30 – 18.00 Wednesday 23- 10 11.00 – 18.00

(We have some closed invitee sessions with experts and partners early morning and on Tuesday during lunch)

Our team is there to talk to you! We are looking forward seeing you at the Pavilion of Plug In City, at the heart of DDW at Strijp-S! For questions send a mail to:

The team of Lasting Leather LAB

Michelle Baggerman, Simone Post, Natasha van der Velden, Simone de Waart

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