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Dutch Design Week 2020 Virtual

3LC, the leather composite where two waste streams merge; left over leather is turned into a biobased composite together with biopolymers made from bacteria that feeds itself with agro cultural waste.

During DDW 2019 we invited experts from the field of science and industry that were followed by new collaborations as a result, We like to show you this new developments this year.

Do you want to meet with the team in person? We have a few moments where you can chat with us and get a personal guided tour:

Wednesday 21: 10.00 - 12.00

Thursday 22 : 15.00 - 17.00

or else send us an email ( and we plan a meeting to have a chat.

Lasting Leather Lab: from waste to circular products with ecological impact

Thirty thousand hides a day all from the meat industry and destined for use in the car industry. With as much as forty percent waste, originating from the leather trimming plants. Lasting Leather Lab looks for ways to transform this waste flow into circular products, with an ecological impact. Lasting Leather LAB is initiated by Simone de Waart, Creative Director of Material Sense, to challenge a team of designers and experts to turn the left over material via materials research into viable new product ideas.

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