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Designing Circularity; Dutch best practises exhibited in Hong Kong

We are happy to announce the exhibition Designing Circularity, about to open at HongKong, at Central Market on the 2nd of June!

Co-curated by Dutch designer Simone de Waart from Material Sense together with Dutch designer Sjoerd Hoekstra and Hong Kong architectural designer Hoi Chi Ng from Design for Culture (HK), the exhibition highlights pioneering sustainable designs from the Netherlands in three areas: Built Environment, Fashion Apparel, and Everyday Goods,

The exhibition is commisioned by The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hong Kong and shows examples from the Netherlands and Hongkong about the circular economy resulting in a sustainable lifestyle

As we know, today the world globally uses the equivalent energy and resources as if there were 1.7 earths. If the whole adopts a Dutch lifestyle it would be 3.6 Earths and 4.4 Earths with a Hong Kong lifestyle. This accelerates global warming and climate abnormality, making the need to a circular economy crucial and also underlines the need for collaboration on a global scale.

The Netherlands is a key driver towards sustainability, aiming at developing a fully circular economy by 2050. To represent our countries pioneering role, being at the forefront the many processes which bring a significant transition to industries, the curators selected proven best circular practices. Dutch examples are accompanied by example casus from Hong Kong . Work is shown of :

ABN Amro's Circl Building, Wikkelhouse, Buitenplaats Brienenoord by SuperUse Studios, Kleiburg Flat by NL Architects, Floriade Pavilion by Overtreders W, in the category Built Environment. In Fashion Living Colour in collaboration with Puma, Woolfiller and Made to Mend by Heleen klopper, HaarHaar by Savine Schoorl, Havep workwear, shoes from Fruitleather and Virtual Fashion by Studio PMS. For Everyday Goods examples from Pieter Pot's service, InStock Market, Second Life tableware by Studio Mixtura, Headphones by Repeat, Dutch Bike by MTRL, Weedware by Klarenbeek & Dros and deposit Rex Chair by Ineke Hans with Circuform.

Exhibition period: 3 June (Saturday) - 28 June (Wednesday), 2023 Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00 hr

Venue: 1F Event Space, Central Market (93 Queen's Road Central and 90 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Participation of citizens and residents is crucial as they are driving actors both in the Netherlands and in Hong Kong. In June different events will take place with talks and workshops given by designers, where also visitors will be invited to join the circular movement.

Like a Garment repair workshop by Dutch Woolfiller, a recycling plastics workshop by HK based Precious Plastic Gaa1 UP and moderated talks and discussion by represented Dutch and HongKong designers.

for the updated information on events see:

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Visual exhibition by Design for Culture pictures: @Wikkelhouse, picture Yvonne Witte

@WierWaar, Klarenbeek & Dros

@Living Color + Puma, picture Menno Boer

@Precious Plastics, Gaa1Up,


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